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File Renamer

The program helps you rename multiple files at once
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File Renamer is a very useful application when you deal with many files which need to be renamed all at once. Modifying a few file names one by one is not very difficult, but when handling thousands of files, things are not that simple and you should look for a program to do that automatically.

Attaching files or folders to the pane list can be done using the corresponding "Add Files" / "Add Folder" buttons, as well as by the drag and drop method. You have the possibility to add to the list not only files from folders, but also from subfolders, which is very convenient for fast processing files stored in tree-like organized folders.

You can modify the names of multiple files in many ways. Thus, you can choose to rename subsequent files by means of an alphanumeric criterion. You can also insert or delete, replace or remove a text sample. Another renaming action is to make date and time appear in the files' name; you can choose among date of creation, date of modifying, date when the file was last accessed, or current date. In addition you are able to change capital letters into lowercase and vice versa, eliminate, add or change extension, remove spaces, make path components appear in files' name, and much more. Moreover, you have distinct options for renaming MP3 and photo files.

File Renamer provides a wide range of renaming actions and options, which will definitely make your storing folders more organized and easily searchable. The same renaming features are available when you want to modify the names of folders.

Amelia Wagner
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  • possibility to add files from folders together with those existing in subfolders;
  • live preview option before actually renaming


  • live preview is reliable for up to 2500 file name modified at once; it is not recommended for more
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